A moisturizing sunscreen that uses organic Aloe Vera juice instead of water and Pancratium Maritimum Extract to defend against ultraviolet rays and various environmental aggressors.

It is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy, with a slight herbal scent, water and sweat-resistant broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunblock gel for face and body.


50 mL / 1.69 fl. oz.

Why it’s special

  •   24 hours sunscreen UVA-B rays protection
  •   Fast-absorbing, non-sticky
  •   Water and sweat resistant
  •   Protects the skin from the harmful environment
  •   For all skin type


Sun UV Protection, Moisturizing, Brightening, Elasticity

How to use

1. Apply evenly all over the face, neck, and body.
2. Reapply after 1-2 hours of prolonged sun exposure.
3. Combine with Daily Aqua BB for light coverage and a glowy look.

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This lightweight formula provides high-performance protection from UVA, and UVB rays and defends skin from photoaging and dehydration. Plus, it’s made with 10 natural oils and extracts of Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Sophora Japonica Fruit, Althaea Rosea flower, and root to moisturize and help protect your skin from external environmental elements.

  • Non-sticky refreshing skin shield
    The patented Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Althaea Rosea flower and root extracts form a non-sticky and cooling moisture barrier coating.
  • Flawless triple skincare
    UV protection, basic brightening, and wrinkle improvement.


  • Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice (65% in total) hydrates, smooths, and supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Pancratium Maritimum (Sea Daffodil) helps inhibit a substance in the skin responsible for activating the dendrites (which transfer melanin to the skin’s surface, where it becomes a dark spot). Reducing that carrier activity helps reduce the appearance and formation of dark spots.
  • Sophora Japonica Fruit is a source of antioxidants, it is useful for fighting free radicals. Rich in minerals, amino acids, and flavonoid content helps to nourish and regenerate the skin and prevent wrinkles.
  • Phyto-Oligo (Patented Ingredient) Althaea Rosea flower and root extracts help to calm the skin.

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